8 Tips for Tackling the Holidays So Your Blood Sugar Wins.


Sugarbreak Editorial

The holidays can be a lot. We don’t need to go on and on about all the snacks and sweets and treats—you already know all about that—but we do think the holidays do get a bad wrap. With proper planning, the right attitude, and maybe a little extra help from Sugarbreak, you can smash this holiday season like a champ. 

Remember, each diabetic is different so when you head into the holidays, know what works for you, what doesn’t, and what you need to feel proud, strong and healthy this holiday season.  

8 Tips for Diabetics to Tackle the Holidays

  1. Keep Your Head in the Game - Unconscious overeating is basically a holiday staple. Bored? Don’t want to engage with family? The snack table looks pretty good. Instead, know your limits, hold yourself accountable, check in on if you *really* need seconds, and try to avoid or limit alcohol as much as possible. If you have a drink, mix it with soda water so it lasts longer. 
  1. Know What You’re Eating - It’s not just candy and dessert that can send your blood sugar through the roof, heaping servings of carb-heavy sides like mashed potatoes and stuffing  can spike your blood sugar, too. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s in a dish or, if you want to have a little of everything without the worry, try Stabilize 10 minutes before a meal to stabilize your blood sugar. 
  1. BYO - Just because it’s put in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Which, to be honest, is easier said than done. The easy fix? Bring a dish you know you love and you know is blood sugar friendly. And smile with pride when some envious eyes ask you where it came from.
  1. Eat Close to Your Normal Meal Times - Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast; instead, try to eat as close to your normal meal times as possible in order to keep your blood sugar steady and predictable. If you are eating a little later than normal, have a healthy snack to hold you over.
  1. Play Favorites - Pick and choose where you indulge and what’s “worth it.” Remember, sometimes a bite is all you need to satisfy the craving rather than eating the whole thing. 
  1. Keep Moving - Instead of rolling right into dessert, suggest a walk after (and before!) meals. As much as possible, keep to your normal routine with plenty of exercise, fresh air, and activity when you can. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel when you don’t just lounge around and you get the rest of your family involved in a little movement. 
  1. Sleep! - It’s easy to skimp on sleep, but stick to your normal schedule as much as possible. The more regular your sleep is, the more energy you have and the more in check your blood sugar, hormones, and other stats are. Plus, you’ll crave simple carbohydrates less for that short term energy fix. 
  1. Be Kind to Yourself - If you overdo it, be kind to yourself and take care. If you know you have trouble resisting sweets, try our Resist Strips so cravings aren’t even an option. Other than that, don’t beat yourself up and just be sure to make the next right decision and next best choice whenever you can. 

Bonus Tip: Drink water! Have a glass before a meal and ideally between each course. This will fill you up as well as hydrate you. We often eat because we are dehydrated rather than because we are genuinely hungry.