Why We Use Isomaltulose, the Smart Carbohydrate

When we challenged our team of doctors to help us develop Energize, a pre-exercise electrolyte drink with the power to keep you hydrated and energized without crashes, we knew it would take a winning formulation. And that’s exactly what we did using natural & scientifically tested ingredients at optimal levels and quantities. But there’s one ingredient in particular we’re excited to highlight, isomaltulose, which is a smart carbohydrate and better alternative to traditional sugars. We sat down with our in-house advisor and endocrinologist, Dr. Mary Kellis, MD to learn more about the power of isomaltulose and why it’s so effective.

The secret to isomaltulose’s effectiveness as an ingredient in Energize is its unique molecular properties that enable better physical and mental performance over time (bonus benefits: it is also shown to improve mood and is gentle on teeth). Read on to discover exactly what isomaltulose is, how it works, and what makes it the smarter choice for a pre-exercise electrolyte drink, according to experts.  

Breaking it down 

So what is isomaltulose? It’s a disaccharide. What’s a disaccharide? It’s a type of sugar that is derived naturally from sugar beets (it’s also found naturally in honey). It tastes similar to table sugar, but has about half the sweetness. It’s unlike typical sugars because it delivers a sustained, balanced supply of carbohydrates, which helps avoid blood sugar spikes in a way that simple sugars don’t. This “slow release” energy is gentler on metabolism and is why isomaltulose is so effective as an ingredient in Energize. 

Most energy drinks contain simple sugars, such as sucrose, that provide quick energy because of their immediate impact on blood sugar levels and insulin release. But as a natural sugar substitute, isomaltulose has a unique combination of properties that provide a slow release of glucose and thus, a more balanced and constant supply of energy, making it a valuable ingredient for a pre-workout drink.

Direct deposit energy

Because isomaltulose cannot be broken down into a simpler type of sugar, it’s what’s known as a fully available carbohydrate, meaning it can be completely absorbed in the small intestine and provide a direct source of glucose, which is the body’s main source of energy. 

For people who are playing sports or working out, the sustained energy supply from isomaltulose can fuel activity while supporting endurance and helping avoid crashes. This is particularly beneficial for people who want to exercise and have peace of mind that their blood sugar levels are stable and supported.

“Many exercise drinks contain high amounts of sugar. Those who are trying to minimize carbohydrates can choose lower glycemic index and lower carbohydrate drinks, which can provide a sustained release of glucose during the workout for continuous energy throughout the entire workout and with decreased spikes in blood glucose levels.”

Dr. Mary Kellis, MD

Endocrinologist & Sugarbreak Advisor

Additionally, the steady energy supplied from isomaltulose permits higher fat burning rates because it allows the body’s metabolism to use fat for fuel, rather than using carb resources.        

Multiple benefits

A 2015 study found that children who consumed a lower-glycemic load (GL) breakfast sweetened with isomaltulose resulted in better mood and better aspects of cognitive functioning, such as faster information processing and better spatial memory. And because of its slow release properties, isomaltulose provides a longer-lasting supply of energy to your muscles and brain, whether you’re at work or doing a work out. And in turn, a more sustained energy level can lead to improved mood and focus. 

One unfortunate side effect of sugary energy drinks is that they’re not kind to teeth. But rather uniquely for a sugar-like ingredient, isomaltulose has been described as tooth-friendly. “Isomaltulose is also gentle on teeth,” adds Dr. Kellis, “and unlikely to cause tooth decay.” 

So there you have it. The next time you go running, hit the gym, or want to have a productive day, simply dissolve one stick of Energize in water before you start and feel the benefits of long-lasting energy when you need it most, plus the comfort of knowing your blood sugar is supported. We’re not saying it’ll give you a competitive edge, but we’re not not saying that either. You got this!