Sugar is everywhere.We’re here to help.

Did you know that kids eat 3x the daily recommended amount of sugar?
That’s 250 pounds of sugar per year (enough to fill a bathtub!). We’re not going to sugarcoat it, but we can help your kid beat sugar and stay healthy.

kids bundle - resist kids, stabilize kids, reduce kids

kids bundle

Our all-in-one, complete lineup to help your child eat less sugar, minimize post-meal sugar spikes & crashes, maintain healthy blood sugar & a strong immune system, and support a healthy weight. Delivered monthly so your kid is never behind.

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Bye bye, sweet tooth! These delicious berry mint strips block the taste of sugar in sweet foods and curb sugar cravings on the spot.

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For your little carbotarians. These pre-meal, yummy berry gummies block excess carbs and sugars, helping to minimize post-meal sugar spikes & crashes, support digestion and keep kids fuller longer. Free of sugar and unnecessary additives & fillers.

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Balanced blood sugar levels and strong immunity begin in childhood with these daily, tasty apple cinnamon flavor gummies. Formulated for kids without sugar or unnecessary additives & fillers.

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