curbs sugar
20 dissolvable strips
  • Blocks Sweet Taste
  • Disrupts Reward Mechanism
  • Minty Fresh Breath
Money Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

How to resist

Place on Tongue

At the first sign of a sugar craving.

Blocks Sweet Taste

Resist blocks the sugar receptors for up to an hour.

Curbs Cravings

Go about your day with sweets off your mind.

Breaking Down the Science

Each ingredient has a purpose. Our scientific experts designed our proprietary formulations in the right concentrations and the right combinations so you can maintain healthy blood sugar without compromising your lifestyle. Sugarbreak works, here’s how...

Gymnema Sylvestre

Temporarily blocks the taste of sugar

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Naturally freshens breath

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Sodium Alginate

Allows us to make a natural breath strip without any filler

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