Introducing the 1st Ever Saliva Glucose Self-Test Swab in the U.S.

This September, we are launching the first Ever Saliva Glucose Self-Test Swab in the U.S. 

Our new product, a groundbreaking addition to blood sugar measurement, empowers you to be proactive with your health and begin your blood sugar management journey — in less than 10 minutes and without the need to prick yourself. With every Sugarbreak purchase from now until the end of September, our community members will receive 2 Saliva Glucose Self-Test Swabs.

Curious about how saliva glucose testing works? We sat down with Cleveland Clinic endocrinologist & Sugarbreak scientific advisor Dr. Mary Kellis, MD to discuss the importance of measuring your blood sugar levels and its connection to saliva glucose testing.

  • Why is it important for everyone to test or track their blood sugar even if they may not be diagnosed with diabetes?

Those with pre-diabetes may not even know that they have it. Often, many do not seek medical care for evaluation, and evaluating blood glucose with a standard glucometer can be difficult for some. Having a non-invasive way to check glucose, such as salivary glucose testing, may help to identify more people who are at risk for diabetes and we can get them to their medical professionals sooner for diagnosis and treatment. With earlier diagnosis and modification of risk factors hopefully long term complications of diabetes can be prevented. 

  • What is the connection between saliva glucose and blood sugar? How do they compare?

Recently, several clinical studies have shown a significant correlation between salivary glucose and blood glucose levels. This is great news because we have been looking forward to non-invasive ways to measure glucose for decades.

  • What is the difference between a saliva glucose level test and a blood glucose level test? Why should someone use a saliva glucose level test? 

With traditional glucose testing, patients use lancets (needle sticks) to prick their finger to obtain a blood sample which is placed on a test swab and put into a glucose meter which yields the blood glucose level. This can be painful for some. Others may be afraid to “stick themselves.” Others may have calluses on their fingers which make it more difficult to obtain the blood sample.

Salivary glucose testing can be a valuable test for screening patients for prediabetes or diabetes, especially in those without symptoms. One of the biggest benefits of salivary glucose testing is that it’s a non-invasive way to check blood glucose. A saliva sample is obtained and the glucose range is detected through saliva. It can be used for screening purposes or to increase awareness of glucose changes due to diet or exercise and for blood glucose monitoring for those who may be on a weight management program. We always recommend that you consult with your doctor especially if you have known blood glucose problems.

Our hope is that these easy-to-use swabs identify more people who are at risk for diabetes, so that they can seek medical care and take action. Because with earlier diagnosis and modification of risk factors, long-term complications of diabetes can be managed or even prevented. 

 Our Saliva Glucose Self-Test Swabs are here to provide a quick, convenient way to estimate your blood glucose levels, manage diabetes, and improve your overall quality of life. 

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Please note: This saliva test does not detect blood glucose levels that are below normal so it is not suitable for those who need to detect low blood glucose conditions such as those with type 1 diabetes or those who are using insulin.