Resist Kids

eat less sugar
20 dissolvable strips

Bye bye, sweet tooth! These delicious berry mint flavor strips block sweet tastes in foods and curbs cravings on the spot. Formulated for kids without sugar or unnecessary additives & fillers.

  • Curbs Sugar Cravings
  • Natural, Safe & Scientifically-Tested Ingredients
  • Blocks Sweet Tastes in Foods
  • Quick-Dissolving
  • Allergen 8 Free (No peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, soy, milk, fish, shellfish or eggs)
  • For Ages 5+
Money Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

How to resist

Healthy Habits

Place a delicious berry mint strip on tongue at the first sign of sweets.

Outsmart Sugar

Blocks sweet tastes in foods for up to an hour.


Your child will go on with their sweet day without the sugar.

Backed by Science, Trusted by Parents

Kids deserve the highest standards, that’s why each of our products is designed with your little ones in mind. Resist Kids uses safe, premium, scientifically validated ingredients that support and help growing bodies thrive.

Gymnema Sylvestre

The sweet tooth slayer that curbs sugar cravings

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Naturally sweet, like your kid

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Sodium Alginate

Only the good stuff here, no fillers allowed!

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