How Sugarbreak Helps

Manage Healthy Glucose Levels

Manage Healthy Glucose Levels

Your blood glucose level is the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. It’s your body’s main source of energy that is carried to the cells through the bloodstream. High blood sugar levels occur when the body either cannot produce insulin (T1d) or can’t respond properly to insulin (prediabetes or T2d). But the body needs insulin so that blood glucose can be used properly for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can’t move into the cells and builds up in the bloodstream, causing your blood glucose levels to stay high.

Too much glucose in the bloodstream (high blood sugar) can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage & more. Unfortunately, the risks are high and awareness is low. 80% of people who are pre-diabetic are unaware of their condition and 1 in 3 Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic, which means most people need to be more proactive. The good news? Lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet, exercise, and supplemental support can help keep blood glucose levels in a healthy range and lower your risk of complications.

Reduces Sugar Intake + Balances Blood Sugar

Sugarbreak products are made with natural & scientifically-tested ingredients that make it easy to reduce sugar consumption and manage healthy blood sugar levels. If you have high blood sugar, our entire line up can help. Here’s how...

Resist is a minty-fresh breath strip that blocks the taste of sugar in sweet foods & curbs cravings on the spot. It’s made with Gymnema Sylvestre, a natural & scientifically-tested ancient herb that blocks the taste bud receptors on your tongue from sugar. This disrupts the reward mechanism in your brain, keeping sweets off your mind.

Stabilize is a pre-meal capsule that helps minimize post-meal blood sugar spikes & crashes. It uses the potent, plant-power of White Mulberry Leaf Extract to block carb & sugar absorption and slow down the rate of digestion.

Add Reduce to your morning routine for daily blood sugar support. Formulated with Gymnema Sylvestre, it works to block sugar absorption in the intestine and helps you maintain balanced glucose levels throughout the day.

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30 pre-meal capsules
  • Blocks Carb & Sugar Absorption
  • Helps Minimize Post-Meal Glucose Spikes
  • Supports Healthy Insulin Sensitivity & Production
  • As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
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20 dissolvable strips
  • Blocks Sweet Taste
  • Disrupts Reward Mechanism
  • Minty Fresh Breath
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60 capsules (monthly)
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Insulin Production
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Supports a Healthy Weight
  • Taken as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
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