How Sugarbreak Helps

Reduce Sugar Consumption + Break Sugar Addiction

Reduce Sugar Consumption + Break Sugar Addiction

Do you LOVE sugar and crave sweets regularly? It’s not your fault and you’re not alone, it’s biology and ~90% of Americans feel the same way. Studies show that sugar is like a drug; it’s addictive, therefore relying on willpower alone doesn’t work to stop cravings. When we eat sweet foods our brain releases dopamine, the “feel good” hormone that is associated with reward. When this reward mechanism is lit up, it reinforces those behaviors (eating sugar) and chemically drives us to repeat them. The solution? Outsmarting sugar.

Curbs Sugar Cravings
+ Helps Cut Sugar Intake

Say bye to your sweet tooth with Resist. This tiny, minty-fresh breath strip is the natural, easy & effective way to help you eat less sugar. Resist uses the plant power of Gymnema Sylvestre, an ancient herb that is scientifically-tested & proven to curb sugar cravings. How does it work? When you place the strip on your tongue the Gymnemic acid mimics the sugar molecule, filling the taste bud receptors and temporarily blocking the taste of sugar being signalled to the brain. This disrupts the brain’s reward mechanism and curbs sweet cravings instantly

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20 dissolvable strips
  • Blocks Sweet Taste
  • Disrupts Reward Mechanism
  • Minty Fresh Breath
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