How Sugarbreak Helps

Reduce Carb/Sugar Consumption
+ Maintain Optimal Health

Reduce Carb/Sugar Consumption + Maintain Optimal Health

Athletes need carbs to perform at their best, but they don’t need as much as you might think. Whether you’ve participated in a sports competition or gone on a long run, you probably consumed carbs pre-performance for high amounts of quick energy. This is because carbohydrates are broken down into a sugar called glucose, the body’s premium & preferred source of energy. But - what comes up must come down, and what rises quickly falls fast. When glucose gets absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, it causes blood sugar level (and energy) spikes & crashes.

Perhaps you’re not running a marathon anytime soon, but rather looking to maintain optimal health & wellness. You generally live a healthy lifestyle but sugar tends to sneak up on you, whether it’s the sweet treats your sweet tooth craves or packaged foods with added sugars that add up. Studies show that reducing sugar intake can decrease your chances of diabetes, heart disease, & fatty liver disease, improve energy levels, sleep & mood, support brain health, and help keep clear, youthful skin.

Helps Cut Sugar Intake
+ Manage Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Sugarbreak products are made with natural & science-backed ingredients that help support your athletic goals & overall health.
Here’s how…

Perform your best and feel your best, with Stabilize. Made with natural & scientifically-tested ingredients, this pre-meal capsule blocks carb & sugar absorption as you eat. This slows down digestion, helping to minimize post-meal blood sugar spikes & crashes by up to 42%, speeds up glucose transportation to the bloodstream, helping your cells to use as energy, and keeps you fuller longer, helping you power through without feeling “hangry”. 

Sweet tooth getting in the way of your health & wellness goals? Resist is a minty-fresh breath strip that curbs sugar cravings on the spot, helping you eat less sugar, the easy way. It’s made with Gymnema Sylvestre, an ancient herb that blocks the taste of sugar in sweet foods on your tongue. This disrupts the reward mechanism in your brain, keeping sweets off your mind.

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