Our Mission

Our Mission

Sugar controls too many of us. We are here to help you break free.

Now more than ever, people need to take charge when it comes to their health. Sugarbreak is here to make this as easy as possible. It’s a natural, non-prescription support system that lets you curb your sugar intake and manage your blood sugar, on your terms.

Sugarbreak’s goal is to reverse the trends of obesity and diabetes that are the result of rising blood sugar. One person at a time. We exist outside the pharmaceutical complex, yet work alongside the world’s leading scientists and clinicians to provide the research and evidence that people deserve. Your blood sugar management option is now Natural, Effective, Safe & Widely Available.


Sugarbreak is a Public Benefit Corporation.

A BCorp is a type of corporation that addresses social and environmental concerns. It is modeled around maximum benefit to the community, not just to the shareholders. Our bottom line is to help people, in all communities, reduce sugar consumption and maintain healthy blood sugars so they can enjoy longer and healthier lives.

The Team

We have taken on big issues in big categories by building products which improve the quality of life for millions of people in their daily lives. These products challenge standard industry practices, then become the industry standard. We have done this in consumer, healthcare, wellness and food products, by harnessing the power of the natural world to fuel these advancements.

Confronting sugar may be our biggest challenge yet.

Meet the Founders

Scarlett Leung

Co-founder & CEO

Scarlett has built successful businesses from fashion to online grocery, and most recently in fertility by focusing on the customer experience. She started Sugarbreak in a quest to create a solution for blood sugar management that is both natural and easy, combining her belief in Herbal Medicine as a proactive way to optimize health and seeing the struggles of a close friend who was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes late in his 30’s.

Adam Lowry


Adam is former climate scientist and the founder of two mission-driven businesses, Method Products and Ripple Foods. He creates businesses with sustainability principles at their core, so that their growth produces positive social and environmental impacts. A globally recognized leader in for-benefit business, Adam’s companies have eliminated millions of tons of waste, GHG emissions, and water use; created hundreds of green manufacturing jobs on four continents; and created nearly a billion dollars in returns for employees and shareholders.

Kyle Heller


Kyle has spent two decades helping to build brands large and small. Some you drive, some you eat, some you wear while others you fly. As an agency owner, he has advised businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs on meeting the needs of evolving consumer interests and how best to approach the market. His goal is to create products that have a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives. Growing up with diabetes and chronic illness in his family, he has seen first hand how important the right health care can be.

Luke Raymond


Luke is a creative director and agency founder with over 20 years experience. He has overseen transformational creative executions for Fortune 500 companies while also working with entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams by launching category-shifting companies. Luke’s focus over the last decade has been on the health and wellness category and it is this experience which leads him to Sugarbreak in his continued mission to improve the nation’s health.