How Sugarbreak Helps

Maintain Healthy Weight + Improve Energy Levels

Maintain Healthy Weight + Improve Energy Levels

Do you LOVE carbs, but find yourself feeling sluggish, bloated, & hungry again soon after eating? It’s not you, it’s the food. We know that carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet and are delicious (hello pizza, pasta, & potato chips…), but quality & quantity matter. Carbs, particularly our favorites, lack fiber and contain a high glycemic index. This means they’re digested & absorbed quickly (not keeping you full), causing our blood glucose levels to rise & fall rapidly (contributing to high blood sugar). Excess carbohydrate consumption can cause continuously high blood sugar and the constant high surges can lead to insulin resistance, thus resulting in pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes.

Blocks Carb Absorption + Minimizes Post-Meal Sugar Spikes & Crashes

Enjoy carbs, again. With Stabilize, you can finally eat a normal meal without worrying about sugar spikes & crashes or carb bloat & lethargy. Made with natural & scientifically-tested ingredients, this pre-meal capsule blocks carb & sugar absorption as you eat (and thus, the calories from carbs, starches & sugar) by up to 40%. This slows down digestion, helping to minimize post-meal blood sugar spikes & crashes by up to 42%, speeds up glucose transportation to the bloodstream, helping your cells to use as energy, and keeps you fuller longer, helping to support a healthy weight. 

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