hydration & energy
electrolyte mix
10 pre-exercise electrolyte mix stick packs (single-serve)
  • Hydrating electrolyte mix that helps you crush your workout without crashes
  • Keeps you energized and your blood sugar steady while active
  • Supports better focus & mood
  • Promotes fat burning*
  • Made with coconut water, Himalayan pink sea salt, and natural mixed berry flavor
  • No simple sugars, Vegan, Non-GMO
Money Back Guarantee
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How to energize


Dissolve & Drink

Dissolve 1 stick in 16 oz of water and drink before exercise or activity



Get moving! Energize keeps you hydrated with long-lasting energy and balanced blood sugar.



Drink Energize as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Why energize?

Traditional electrolyte drinks

  • Too high in sodium

    & potassium

  • High in simple sugars

    that cause large spikes in your blood glucose levels

  • Sudden energy crashes

    that impact your physical & mental performance

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  • Ideal sodium & potassium

    levels for optimal hydration

  • Contains a slow release, fully available carbohydrate

    that keeps stable blood sugar

  • Provides longer-lasting & balanced energy

    for your mind and body

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Breaking Down the Science

Each ingredient has a purpose. Our scientific experts designed our proprietary formulations in the right concentrations and the right combinations so you can maintain healthy blood sugar without compromising your lifestyle. Sugarbreak works, here's how...


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A slow-release. fully available carbohydrate that provides a sustained supply of energy.

Plus Electrolytes

  • K+
    Potassium citrate
    From Coconut Water
    image description
  • Na+
    From Himalayan pink salt
    image description
  • Mg
    image description
  • Cl-
    image description
  • HP2-
    image description


The first hydration & energy system for:
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    Long lasting energy
  • image description
    Stable blood sugar
  • image description
    Higher level of fat burning*
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*Using 1.5 servings leads to a higher level of fat burning for healthy weight management

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